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Paris' Annual Agricultural Fair is upon us, and it is Glorious!

Peter Kleinau

Looking for an out-of-usual activity in Paris this week? Want to get a glimpse of French food culture? Interested in petting a cow? Curious about what grows on those beautiful patches of green/yellow/purple land you see when you fly over France? Want to eat your weight in sausages and cheese and bring some home? Look no further! We have THE event for you.

The Salon de l’Agriculture is one of France’s most important fairs of the year. It’s this unique place where city folks meet the many farmers and producers that allow them to keep their bellies full of wonderfully fresh and delicious food.

Because food for the French is not just utilitarian. It’s centuries long traditions; a know-how dying to reach out to any curious ear; a point of pride that will get any French person talking emotionally, armed with arguments validating the theory that the French lifestyle is one of, if not the best in the world (hard to argue when you taste one of their many, many cheeses). Not a surprise that practically any self-respecting French politician that is or wants to be somebody will go for the traditional “meet the farmers and pet the cows” ballad, so don’t be surprised if you see swarms of cameras following a dense crowd walking frantically through the different stands.

The Fair is out by Porte de Versailles the fairgrounds located south of Paris (it has its own stop on Metro line 12). It’s split up in 4 zones : Plant Culture, Livestock, Services and Jobs in the Agricultural Sector, and the best one for last : food from all of the regions of France where you can discover all of the amazing food products (bread, cheese, cured meats, pastries, honey, fruits and veggies, juices, wine, liquor, and SO much more…)

The fair is opens Saturday 24th of February and is open until the 4th of March. Tickets are 14 euros for adults, 7 euros for children between 6 and 12 years old (free for kids under 6). You can follow this link to buy tickets directly from their website.

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