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Our philosophy: Being an independent small business, we understand our role and responsibility in environmental and social causes. With this in mind, we have made a pledge to always think local and keep the environment as an integral part of our calculation during our decision making process.

Current Measures


We recycle everything

No single use Item

Energy Efficient Appliances

Products are locally sourced

Energy efficient insulation

All of our energy demand comes from renewable sources


Give back part of our profits towards Environmental and Social causes

We are a local small business that also partners and support other local companies 


Travel Conscientiously

All actors at Apartments du Louvre live in the Paris region. Booking with us means contributing to the local circular economy to the fullest. It also means that we listen to our Guests' feedback and are quick to implement new potentially more impactful descisions.

We are constantly evaluating our impact and continue to evolve our commitments. We believe that it is common practice to do as much as possible to reduce our environmental impact. Think global, act Local!

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