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Want to live like emily in paris?

With Season 2 now on Netflix, watching Emily in Paris is watching our Parisian neighborhood shine. It's always fun and exciting to recognise our café next door or discover that Emily's Job site, the Savoir Office is really right behind our very own offices.

Emily's flat is in the 5th arrondissement of Paris, a short walk from Apartments du Louvre. Her office and many hot spots such as Parc Royal, Café Marly, La Samaritaine Department Store and the historic Pont Neuf bridge are right next door to us in the 1st arrondissment.

Being so close to the Jardin des Tuileries, the Jardin du Palais Royal may be lesser known but just as stunning! In the summer you can find Parisians playing the classic game of "pétanque" (Baci ball) or having an "Apéritif" and picnic with friends.

There is a statue called "Le Petit Canon" that used to fire at noon sharp everyday to remind Parisians to wind up their watches. On the sculpture is a writing in latin: Horas non numero nisi serenas”, which translates to "I only count happy hours" this park is a wonderful spot to grab happy hour drinks with the various charming cafés surrounding the garden.

In season two you can spot Emily having lunch with Camille and her boss at Café Marly, a beautiful spot inside the Louvres' courtyard offering direct views of the Pyramid. The Café holds its' name from the Chateau de Marly which was built by Louis XIV not far from the Chateau de Versailles as a leisure getaway Chateau to spend time with his friends. Unfortunately, Chateau Marly was demolished in the early 1800s but you can find some of its' statues inside the Cour Marly at the Louvre. Having a drink at sunset at Café Marly is one of those truly Parisian and memorable moments.

via Netflix

The famous Savoir office is just a few minutes walk from our St Honoré location. Indeed when walking around the square, you can catch all the Parisians working on their long lunch breaks. The Galerie Patrick Fourtin featured in many of the scenes specializes in 20th century furniture and decorative arts!

Netflix created a wonderful map of the season two locations. The majority of them are right in the beating heart of Paris right where Apartments du Louvre is located. We added the black star so you can see our exact location.
via Netflix

If you're willing to make all the stops, here's the full list of Emily's locations on season two:

If you want to live like Emily in Paris on your next trip to Paris, with 30 apartments located in the heart center of Paris, you're bound to find one that fits your needs!

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