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Shopping in paris? now's the time!

Paris may be a little gray and rainy right now but what better way to find shelter than in its' many shopping stores all around. The Winter Sales are ON here in Paris and every kind of store is a potential source of a tremendous bargain (or two). With both Apartments du Louvre locations located in the heart of the city there are extended options for shopping around us that will please any liking!

The Winter Sales of 2023 began on January 11 th and will end on February 7 th . Everything, literally everything, in the city of Paris is on sale. Here are some ground rules and a bit of advice that can help you make the most of your Parisian shopping sprees.

How Does This Work?

First of all, the discounts follow a pattern and get bigger as time goes on. During the

first week of the sales, they usually start at 20% but will increase to 70% or even 80% as we

reach the end of the sale period on February 7th. So depending on when you are staying at Apartments du Louvre you may benefit from those high end of sales discounts! Retailers have several legal obligations during the sales. They must label the goods showing the original price, the sales price and what discount percentage they are offering. Smart shoppers might want to play the waiting game and try to get the best deals towards the end of the sale period. It’s a calculated risk but that coveted Longchamp bag might just be worth it.

There are 60,00 stores in Paris – plenty of opportunity for any kind of shopping.

You can refresh your wardrobe, buy a new electronic device, or get your mother-in-law a

Hermès scarf :)

Where are the best places to shop?

For luxury items, take a tour of the “Golden Triangle”. This famous area is located between Avenue Montaigne, Avenue des Champs-Elysées, and Avenue George V. Here you will find the epitome of Haute Couture, the place where Christian Dior created his first atelier. Other fashion houses in this area include Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Valentino, Armani, Hugo Boss, Kenzo, Saint Laurent Paris and many other French icons of luxury fashion. If you are more an admirer of Haute Couture rather than a buyer, stop by the Yves Saint Laurent or the Fashion museum called Palais Galliera while the other shop!

Shopping Locally

Within easy walking distance of the Apartments du Louvre, you and your pocketbook can explore the rue de Rivoli – a lively commercial area where you can either visit individual boutiques or consolidate your shopping desires under one roof. Both of the department stores BHV and the Samaritaine are on the rue of Rivoli and house many delightful boutiques and brands. and both just minutes walk from Apartments du Louvre. Both department stores house various eating options too so you can easily spend your whole day there.

There is also the Centre Commercial Les Halles that will have a lot of options to explore, which is right between our Le Marais and St Honoré locations.

If you prefer smaller, more intimate shops, head to mythical Rue Saint-Honoré. This 1800-

meter-long street crosses the elegant Place Vendome, Palais Royal, Les Halles and the

Madeleine. This street is home to a variety of stores - a real mixed bag of jewelry stores, high

fashion, shoe shops, trendy/hipster fashion, home decoration and luggage establishments. Of course if you are staying at our Le Marais location, you're just a hop skip and jump from the iconic rue Franc Bourgeois and rue du Temple in the Marais for that boutique hoping shopping experience.

Wherever you choose to take advantage of the French Winter Sales, try and get an early

start to avoid the crowds. Also, dress lightly to make trying on clothes easier and wear

comfortable shoes. Enjoy “Les Soldes” and stay out of the rain at the same time (and buy

yourself a new chic French trench coat while you’re at it!)


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