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Let’s face it – there is no better place to celebrate Valentine’s Day than in Paris, the

capital of love and romance. So many of the buildings, bridges and parks are the perfect

backdrop to courtship and great food and wine seem to be around every corner. The most

difficult part is making the right choice. Apartments du Louvre is here to help with some inviting

suggestions to make your Valentine’s Day a memorable one.

Pastries First

You have probably already noticed the welcoming, enticing odor of freshly baked bread as you exit the Louvre-Rivoli Metro stop. And you’ve probably seen the line of hungry people waiting their turn for a tiny piece of paradise. The aroma is emanating from the Bo&Mie bakery on 91 rue de Rivoli, just around the corner from Apartments du Louvre - St. Honoré. (There is also the same bakery near our Marais location on 18 rue de Turbigo.) Bo&Mie prides

itself on its flavorful and innovative range of bakery products, all 100% homemade.

In honor of Valentine’s Day, they have invented four exclusive creations that have been

inspired by Love. Apartments du Louvre’s favorite is the “Love Roll”, a round, croissant dough

rolled with raspberry filling and topped with pink icing. Their signature dessert is a red petalled

rose on a crunchy peanut cookie. There is also a chocolate gourmet heart and a pink almond

cookie topped with a marshmallow. It’s mandatory to pre-order these exclusive desserts so

check out their website at and get your Valentine’s Day off to a

delicious start.

Love on the Seine

Love is in the air in a lot of places in Paris but it’s also in the water. A romantic day or evening cruise on the Seine is a wonderful way to enjoy good food in a romantic setting. A new cruise experience, called “Ducasse sur Seine” is the first 100% electric boat in Paris. It offers both lunch and dinner services out on the water and quayside gourmet breaks during the afternoon. This floating restaurant is a fine-dining experience with Chef Jean-Philippe Berens

and his team of 36 cooks preparing unique dishes with local, fresh products. Chef Berens offers

refined, unique, contemporary French cuisine with a menu that changes with the seasons. A

big plus is the quiet that will accompany your meal. You might hear the water of the Seine

brushing up against the boat, but you won’t hear a noisy motor. You will be able to enjoy your

superb meal in silence or hushed, romantic conversation – if you go on Valentine’s Day.

“Ducasse sur Seine” is docked on the right bank of the river, at Debilly Port near Trocadero. Info


If cruising doesn’t appeal to you, you can walk your way through romantic Paris.

Apartments du Louvre is within easy walking distance of the Seine. You can stroll along the

banks of the river and take in the beauty of Pont Neuf, Pont des Arts, etc. We recommend

spending some time on “Ile de la Cité”, the picturesque island in the center of the Seine. This is

where the Romans first settled back in 52 BC. Most tourists only visit Notre Dame or Sainte-

Chappelle but it’s worth exploring the narrow streets and cozy bars and restaurants on the

island. There are also plenty of stunning mansions to admire and you’ll appreciate the calm and

quiet as you wander. You might also want to visit the Tuileries Gardens as you find your way

back to Apartments du Louvre.

A Jazzy Valentine's day

If you want to add music to your romantic day or evening, stop by the Duc des Lombards

Jazz Club on Valentine’s Day. They are preparing an evening of champagne, chocolate, and

enchanting jazz music in an intimate setting. The club itself is a short walk from Apartments du

Louvre. You can finish your evening with their “Chocolate Kiss Concert”.

So, love is in the air and in the parks and on the Seine with the majestic city of Paris in

the background. Apartments du Louvre wishes you and yours a very Happy Valentine’s Day!


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