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Christmas markets around the corner

Daniil Silantev

The Top 3 Parisian Christmas Markets are Right Around the Corner from Apartments du Louvre.

The 2022 Christmas season is now in full swing in Paris and, we're happy to say, that the

top three Christmas Markets are also in full swing and conveniently located right around the

corner from our two locations. Each market is different in scale and atmosphere, but they

do have one thing in common: Enchantment. So put on your walking shoes and button up your

overcoat. Bring the kids (or not). Parisian Holiday Magic is waiting just for you

Head to the Left Bank For Charm and Tradition

The most picturesque Christmas market is on the Left Bank, just 30 meters from the

Notre Dame Cathedral. Even though the Cathedral is not accessible, it is very impressive to do

your Christmas shopping with the incredible medieval towers looming over you. The Notre

Dame Christmas Market is a 15 minute walk from Apartments du Louvre. It has

a relaxed, elegant atmosphere with people dressed in traditional period costumes wandering

around the Swiss-style chalets that serve as artisan and food stands.

You can stock up on original, made-in-France gifts to bring home to family or friends.

This market has high-quality, certified artisan products such as Christmas ornaments, jewelry,

soaps, leather items, scarves, gloves, and lots more. Oh, and there’s food. Fancy gourmet food

stands will entice you with their foie gras, sausages, gift baskets, macaroons, roasted chestnuts,

crepes, gingerbread houses, and other delicacies. Mulled wine is also available to warm you up

if the weather is a bit chilly.

The children will love the cozy, Christmas-like feeling of the market, the occasional concert by local musicians and the drawing contests. They just might see Santa walking around ringing a bell and singing a carol or two.

The Notre Dame Christmas Market is open from the 9 th to the 26 th of December 2022 from 10 AM to 8 PM (on the weekends it closes at 9 PM). It is located on Quai Montebello, Square Viviani in the 5 th district of Paris. It’s well worth the detour.

Christmas at City Hall – A Holiday Forest

Paris City Hall Plaza (or “Parvis de Hotel de Ville) is only 900 meters from Apartments du

Louvre, on the Right Bank. During the Christmas season, it converts its grand staircase, fountain,

and entire plaza into a beautifully illuminated, enchanting Christmas Forest. Over a thousand

evergreen trees and hundreds of white fake birch trees on winding, forest-like paths are

absolutely glowing with energy-efficient lights. Some lights are white, and others are a

lovely shade of blue that provides a beautiful contrast to the nearby BHV red lights on the rue

de Rivoli. This Christmas Market is visually spectacular in the evening. As you wander around

the forest, you will experience the French version of a “Winter Wonderland” – not too shabby.

Besides the traditional Christmas food offerings of chestnuts, crepes, mulled wine, etc.,

you can also find French-made gifts to take home. The old-fashioned carousel is a great setting

for photos of the children enjoying their Parisian Christmas. And, for fun, there is a “mountain

slide” set up on the City Hall stairs where they can do some tubing. Or they might want to try

out their climbing skills on the climbing tower. Around 5 PM every evening, listen for local

musicians and dancers who usually set up near the carousel and get that Christmas spirit going.

The Hotel de Ville Christmas Forest is open from December 2 nd 2022 to January 1 st 2023. Hours

are from 11 AM to 10 PM from Sunday to Thursday and from 11 AM to 11 PM on Fridays and

Saturdays. For a Christmas Market, you just can’t beat Paris City Hall!

The Tuileries Gardens Presents The Magic of Christmas

The best and the biggest Christmas Market near the Apartments du Louvre is definitely

the “Magic of Christmas” presented at the Tuileries Gardens behind the Louvre museum, just a hop skip and a jump away. Until 2018, this holiday event was held on the Champs-Elysees but

we much prefer the enclosed safety of the Tuileries Gardens. The alley ways are beautifully

lined with decorated stands of food, gifts, more food and more gifts.

A compelling reason to visit this market is that it is also a Fun Fair boasting its star

attraction, “The Big Wheel” (Grand Roue de Paris) which is 60 meters high and will offer you

(for 8 euros) breathtaking views of Paris by night. There are 15 other attractions scattered

among the cotton candy, waffles and crepes. There is also a genuine 500 square meter skating

rink for young and old alike. Enjoy the skating yourself or just watch the would-be skaters with

a glass of mulled wine – both are quite entertaining. There is a rumor that, when you are on

certain of the Fun Fair rides, you can see (for the first time) Santa Flying in the Sky. That’s why

this event is called “The Magic of Christmas”.

The Tuileries Christmas Market is open from November 19 th 2022 to January 8 th 2023

from 11 AM to 11:45 PM. Just be aware that it will close earlier, at 7:30 PM, on December 24 th

and 25 th .

As you can see, Christmas Markets and atmosphere are really right around the corner

from Apartments du Louvre. Enjoy the magic of Christmas in Paris!

Joyeux Noël from Apartments du Louvre!


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