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August in Paris

The month of August is a special month in Paris, it is the official vacation month of the year where nearly all Parisians go on vacation at some point. In turn, Paris has a different atmosphere to it; the streets are calmer since there are very little cars circulating and the city is filled with happy travellers. August is a great time to visit Paris, museums will have less people, it's easier to get a table at a restaurant and it's a wonderful time to discover the city by bike as well. This blog will give you a few ideas of things to do if you are visiting Paris now.

Scott Webb

Paris "Plage" or Paris Beach

From mid July to early September you can find along the river banks of the Seine; Paris Beach! Starting in 2002, the city put in place temporary beaches with lounge chairs, games for children, beach bars and many activities for families and friends to enjoy. In one section they even created pools in the river where you can swim or practice nautical activies like boating, kayak and water trampolines as well. It's a fun initiative the city put in place for those Parisians that do not leave in August and it's very appreciated by our visitors as well.

Paris Plages

From July 9th to August 21st 2022

Paris, along the river banks

La fête des Tuileries

The Tuilerie gardens, just 5 minute walk from us and by the Louvre puts up every summer a fair filled with attractions (some scarier than others), many food stands and fun games for children like the classic "peche aux canards" where you keep fishing for plastic ducks and always win a prize. It's a great time for children of all ages; the smaller ones can enjoy the trampolines or toddler rollercoaster while the teenagers and adults can enjoy a thrill on the flying swings or a massive tower that spins you all directions.

Fête des Tuileries From June 25th to August 28th 2022 Place de la Concorde - 75001 Paris

Louvre - 1er Arrondissement

Paris Jazz Festival

Every summer by the Chateau de Vincennes, in its' botanical garden, the city organises a wonderful Jazz festival filled with growing, emerging artist as well as some top names in the Jazz world. The stage is set in the center of the garden while you find a spot in the grass to make it yours the time of the concert. It is highly recommended to bring a picnic and enjoy the music outdoors while the sun sets on the city and you're surrounded by stunning fowers and plants . It can be enjoyed by the whole family since during the day they have concerts for children and late afternoon you can enjoy the Jazz concerts. The beauty of it, is that is is practically free; if you are going between 9Am to 8PM, you only need to pay the parc entrance. There are only certain late evening shows that require pre sale ticketing.

This parc is just an easy direct subway trip from Apartments du Louvre making it easy for you to step out of the city and into a nature and musical experience in Paris.

Paris Jazz festival From June 29th to September 7th 2022 Esplanade du château de Vincennes - 75012 Paris

Bois de Vincennes - 12e Arrondissement


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