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A National day for crepes!

Photo by Monika Grabkowska

One of Apartments du Louvre’s favorite French holiday is tomorrow and we want it to be

your favorite one too. It falls on February 2 nd and is known as “La Chandeleur” or “Candlemas.”

Since it’s a French celebration, you can probably guess there is food involved and you would be

right. It’s the (unofficial) National Crêpe Day, where the star of the show is the quintessential

crêpe with all its sweet or savory dressings. It’s the day when everyone must eat crêpes for

good luck and for good taste. We’ll tell you all about it…and where to find the best crêpes in

our neighborhood.

A Bit of History

“La Chandeleur” which originated in France, began as a ritual to mark the mid-point of winter when the days begin to lengthen. It was also a delicious way to use up the extra wheat ahead of the new harvest. The round shape of the crêpe is said to symbolize the sun and the circle of life.

“La Chandeleur” is a popular, fun excuse to enjoy crêpes all day! A staple of French cuisine

and a yummy expression of French culture. There are several places near Apartments du

Louvre where you can participate in this long-standing tradition…on February 2 nd or any other


Crêperies in the Neighborhood

Although there are many many creperies to choose form in our neighborhood here are a few suggestions straight from Apartments du Louvre. Across the street from Apartments du Louvre Le Marais location, you have the delectable Crêperie called Ar Poul Gwen (11 rue Etienne Marcel 75001).

Crêpes, as we know and enjoy them today, originated from Bretagne (Brittany, as we say in English). Ar Poul Gwen is proud to offer crêpes made in this authentic Breton fashion but with a modern twist. The crêpes and “galettes” (savory crêpes) are folded and served tapas-style, easy and delicious finger food.

The Crêperie Saint Eustache (2 rue Sauval 75001) is only 50 meters from Apartments du Louvre St. Honore location. This small, cozy, hole in the wall family-style restaurant where you feel like you’re eating in a friend’s dining room is a perfect place for sampling home-style crêpes. Try them served with the traditional bowl of boozy cider for a refreshing accompaniment.

The third culinary suggestion, Crêperie Coeur de Breizh (28 rue des Lombards 75004) is down the road from both Apartments du Louvre locations. This is also a veritable Breton establishment, which uses only local, fresh products from Brittany. They offer savory organic crêpes with or without gluten! Their dessert crêpes are amazing. Taste the “Pomme d’Amour” (Apple of Love) – you’ll love it!

Crêpes and Superstitions

You might want to try making your own crêpes on February 2 nd and we encourage it! However, if you really want to ensure health, prosperity and good luck, there is a time-honored superstition that you should follow. Tradition dictates that you should toss the crêpe with your right hand while holding a piece of gold in your left one. And, of course, you must do this without dropping the crêpe. Good Luck! A second culinary superstition, involves saving the first crêpe you make on “La Chandeleur” and putting it in a drawer with a coin wrapped in it for the entire year. This, supposedly, ensures your future financial prosperity.

Whether you decide to enjoy crepes in a creperie or make them yourself, Apartments du

Louvre would like to wish you a very tasty Happy National Crêpe Day!


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