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Haunted House in Paris Center

People usually come to Paris to visit museums and monuments, not haunted houses. However, if you happen to be in the city this Halloween season and are looking for somewhere to scream the night away, we have the perfect, creepy destination for you.

It’s called “Le Manoir de Paris” and it’s just a few metro stations from Apartments du Louvre. This hellish house is paradoxically located on 13 rue de Paradis (Paradise Street) in the 10th district. Their full-immersion chilling experience is called “Blood Relatives” (Liens de Sang) - a gory adventure inspired by classic horror movies such as The Chain-Saw Massacre, The Ring and The Exorcist.

There are 100 bloody (literally) actors just waiting to make your French Halloween visit as realistic as possible. Le Manoir de Paris has 35 terrifying rooms, a spine-chilling labyrinth not for the faint of heart. Visitors are forbidden to speak as they walk through the rooms – only screaming is allowed. This blood-soaked manor is open until November 12th, just in case you already have plans for the 31st.

If you want to enjoy holiday monsters on a lighter, more human note, you could head to the “Vampire’s Ball,” which is happening from 11 PM to dawn at the Pavillon des Champs-Elysees on 34 rue Marbeuf on Halloween evening. There will be vampires and zombies for sure, since the dress code states you must be “original and trash.” No screaming allowed here; just dancing with unearthly partners – the perfect place to forget your “Blood Relatives”.


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