Coronavirus Statement

Measures to curtail the spread of the coronavirus


Our staff is taking all the measures advised by the World Health Organisation to protect themselves and our guests from the CoVid-19 Virus. Concretely it means following standard hygiene practices: washing hands every hour, avoiding close contact with our guest and other staff members, disinfecting hotel access cards, ventilating common spaces and apartments etc…


Our cleaning staff has been trained to intensify their cleaning and disinfect apartments with antiviral cleaning products, putting an extra emphasis on items, objects and surfaces subjected to be touched. 


The common space (front door, elevator, keypads, door knobs, Fitness Room etc..) are cleaned several times a day to ensure proper decontamination.


We also are provide plenty of hand soap in the apartments and hand sanitiser is available at the check in desk.

The Safety of our Guests is our greatest concern, 


If you are experiencing any other specific concern, please do not hesitate to contact us, we are here to assist you.